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Louise Takeda, BSc, MSS, PhD

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Louise Takeda is a Research Affiliate with the POLIS Project and currently works for the Ministry of Environment. She was a visiting researcher at POLIS from September 2004-2012 while completing her PhD at the Research Center on Development and International Relations at Aalborg University and working with Michael M'Gonigle on his SSHRC-funded Green Legal Theory project. Her dissertation research focused on the land use planning process that was unfolding on Haida Gwaii and the implications of it for Haida and community control of forest resources. The research builds on her Master's degree in environment and development, and continues the search for emancipatory strategies in harmony with nature. Her forthcoming book "Islands Spirit Rising - Reclaiming the Forests of Haida Gwaii" is based on her dissertation research and will be published by UBC Press in 2014.

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