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A diversity of people contribute to POLIS as researchers, support staff, students, and advisors. POLIS Principal and Founder POLIS Researchers in DiscussionPOLIS Researchers in Discussionis Michael M'Gonigle, who held the Eco-Research Chair of Environmental Law and Policy until his retirement from the University of Victoria. Ongoing organizational development is headed by our Co-Directors, Kelly Bannister and Oliver Brandes. Key staff includes Laura Brandes, Communications Director for the POLIS Water Sustainability Project.

Laura Brandes, BSc(H), Communications Director, POLIS Water Sustainability Project
Laura Brandes began work at the POLIS Project in early 2011, bringing her expertise as a writer, editor, and science...

Kelly Bannister, BSc, MSc, PhD, Co-Director and Senior Research Associate
Dr Kelly Bannister is Co-Director (with Oliver Brandes) of the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance and a Research Associate ...

Oliver M. Brandes, BA, MSc, LLB, Co-Director and Senior Research Associate
Oliver M Brandes joined the POLIS Project in 2003 to lead the Water Sustainability Project. He is a political...

Michael M'Gonigle, MSc, LLM, JSD, Principal and Eco-Research Chair
BA Hon (British Columbia) 1969; MSc (Econ) (London School of Economics) 1970; LLB (Toronto) 1976; LLM (Yale) 1979; ...

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