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Andrew Wender, JD, PhD

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Dr Andrew Wender is a former research associate at POLIS, working with Michael M’Gonigle on a book project involving Green Legal Theory. In February 2006, Andrew defended his Interdisciplinary PhD at the University of Victoria. His doctoral dissertation examines how modern, Western secularist law’s tendency to reduce all existing things to the form of property and commodities signifies the law’s underlying, hidden religious significance. Andrew is especially interested in how secularist law’s effectively sacred devotion to property is manifested in areas of law encompassing a diversity of natural and living entities, such as environmental jurisprudence, and intellectual property law. In addition to his research at POLIS, Andrew teaches such subjects as Twentieth Century World History, Politics and Religion, and Early Modern Political Thought in UVic’s Departments of History and Political Science. He also developed a course on the history of law and religion, which he has taught at UVic, as well as in the Honors Program of Western Washington University. Before entering academe, Andrew earned a law degree in which he specialized in environmental law and policy, and also became a member of the Washington State Bar.

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