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Ian G. Baird, BA (Coop), MA, PhD

Executive Director, Global Association for People and the Environment (GAPE)
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Dr. Ian G. Baird completed his doctoral studies at the Geography Department, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., in 2008 and was a POLIS Affiliate for several years. He works part-time as the executive director of the non-governmental organisation, the Global Association for People and the Environment (GAPE), which is mainly active in Laos. He also does various other work in cooperation with NGOs working primarily in mainland Southeast Asia.

Ian’s research interests are varied, but are focussed on mainland Southeast Asia, where he has lived for most of his adult life. Some of his interests include (but are not limited to) Mekong fish and fisheries, economic land concessions in Southeast Asia, forest management in mainland Southeast Asia, Lao diaspora, postcolonial studies, development studies, social and spatial theory, local ecological knowledge, identities issues (especially ethnic and indigenous identities) and Southeast Asian history. Some of his recent books include Dipterocarpus Wood Resin Tenure, Management and Trade: Practices of the Brao in Northeast Cambodia (Verlag Dr. Müller, 2009), People, Livelihoods and Development in the Xekong River Basin of Laos (co-authored with Bruce Shoemaker, White Lotus Press, 2008), and Fishers’ Knowledge in Fisheries Science and Management (co-edited with Nigel Haggan and Barb Neis, UNESCO, 2007). He has also been published in various peer-reviewed academic journals.

Ian's report "The Don Sahong Dam: Potential Impacts on Regional Fish Migrations, Livelihoods and Human Health" released in August 2009 examines the potential for significant negative human and environmental impacts of the Don Sahong Dam, a proposed hydroelectric dam on the Hou Sahong Channel of the mainstream Mekong River, Champasak Province, in southern Laos. Serious concerns are raised about potential impacts on aquatic resources, especially aquatic biodiversity and wildcapture fisheries. Of particular concern are the project’s regional implications in relation to fisheries, including possible impacts on food security, nutrition and poverty alleviation in Laos and neighbouring countries in the Mekong Region. For a pdf of the report, click on the title or click here.

Ian's report is referred to in Circle of Blue Waternews in an article by C.T. Pope called "Visioning Flowing Waters, From Laos to Cambodia" (October 5, 2009).

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