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Linda Sheehan, BSc, MPP, JD

Executive Director, Earth Law Centre
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Drawing on her background in law, public policy and chemical engineering, Linda Sheehan has been working on California water rights and water quality issues for 20 years. She has extensive experience developing, utilizing and assessing new water governance sturctures, and her areas of water expertise closely align with the POLIS Water Sustainability Project.

Linda is the founder and Executive Director of an NGO called Earth Law Centre that is dedicated to the development of legal rights of ecosystems. Earth Law Centre is a "think, share and do" organization that advances research, university-level education and on-the-ground advocacy to promote law and governance models that reflect the inherent rights of the natural world to exist, thrive and evolove.

Comments submitted by the Earth Law Centre for inclusion in the compiliation document that will advise the zero draft of the outcome document (Zero Draft) for the U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD or Rio +20) can be found at

As a POLIS affiliate, Linda's work draws upon and contributes to both the Water Sustainablity Project and Green Legal Theory.

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