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James Biggar

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Jamie Biggar was a Research Associate from 2007-2010 after working at POLIS while completing his MA in Environmental Studies on network governance and an affiliate until 2012. He originally joined POLIS in 2005 to research the potential for new forms of green business to gradually restructure the economy according to ecological principles. This changed shortly after arriving at POLIS and discovering the work that was being done there on universities as catalysts for the development of sustainable regions. To pursue this directly at the University of Victoria he became a Director of the University of Victoria Sustainability Project and later a student representative on the University's Board of Governors. After working to promote the book Planet U: Sustaining the World, Reinventing the University during the summer of 2006, he co-founded Common Energy in the fall of 2006 to spearhead a Planet U-esque campaign at UVic. The project was designed to facilitate the collaboration of the network of students, staff, faculty, and regional partners interested in creating effective responses to the climate crisis in Victoria. He has a BA in Political Studies from the Queen's University and completed his MA in 2010.

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