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Dana Holtby, BA, MA

Training Coordinator, Coastal First Nations "Great Bear Initiative"
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Dana Holtby was the Water Research and Special Projects Coordinator for POLIS' Water Sustainability Project from January-March 2017. She is a MA graduate from Carleton University's Human Geography program. Her thesis research focussed on capitalist-colonialism and federal interventions in Arctic community development in relation to mining developments. Dana has worked as a researcher studying environmental and community development with Indigenous communities in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. She also acted as a Project Supervisor with the NGO Canada World Youth, leading international youth development programs in Indonesia and Vietnam. Dana completed her BA in Environmental Studies and International Development from McGill University in 2011. At McGill she focussed her studies on water policies concerning the water-energy nexus. Dana is newly appointed as Training Coordinator for the Coastal First Nations "Great Bear Initiative" and continues her connection with the POLIS Project as one of our Research Affiliates.

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