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Deborah Curran, B.A (Hons.), L.L.B., L.L.M.

Professor of Law

Deborah Curran is the Hakai Professor in Environmental Law and Sustainability at the University of Victoria Faculty of Law. Her research and teaching focuses on the allocation of environmental entitlements and what we call property interests in law - land, water and rights to those - in the contexts of healthy ecosystems and colonial and indigenous systems of law. Deborah's work is initiated by community members with whom she works in a variety of contexts including the Environmental Law Clinic, the unique field course she teaches in environmental law and sustainability on Calvert Island in the Central Coast of B.C. at the Hakai Beach Research Institute, the POLIS Water Sustainability Project and with local governments across the province. As a municipal lawyer who focuses on sustainability issues, Deborah is currently writing on green real estate, local governments and the evolution of water law in Canada..

Deborah has collaborated with and advised POLIS since inception on smart growth, land development and urban sustainability, and water law. She joined the Eco-Research Chair as a Research Associate in 1997, transitioned into an POLIS Affiliate in 2001 and became part of the Faculty Advisory Roundtable in 2013. During her time as a Research Associate at POLIS she developed the POLIS Smart Growth program and wrote reports on the economic value of natural green space protection and the impact of big box stores. Deborah is a co-founder of Smart Growth BC and served as the president of the board for five years.

Deborah holds a B.A (Hons.) in environmental science studies from Trent University, a L.L.B.  from the University of Victoria, and an L.L.M. from the University of California at Berkeley.

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