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Ana Maria Peredo, PhD

Professor, School of Business

Dr. Ana MarĂ­a Peredo is the Director of the Centre for Co-operative and Community-Based Economy and Professor of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and International Business at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business. Her research explores the role of business in fostering sustainable communities, especially among poor and disadvantaged people.

Ana Maria received her PhD with a specialization in Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, the Environment and Anthropology from the Faculty of Management of the University of Calgary in 2001. She has worked for various UN and European development agencies involved in rural development projects with the Quechua and Aymara peoples, including designing micro-credit and income generation projects for Andean women. She is a founding member of PRODIMA, an organization promoting research and development in the high Andes and has a strong interest in community alternatives and participatory action research among Indigenous peoples.

Ana Maria a former member of the Board of the POLIS Foundation and has been involved with POLIS in an advisory capacity and through the discussion series for several years.

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