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Rod Dobell, PhD

Senior Research Associate
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Dr Rod Dobell has been involved with POLIS since its beginnings in 2000 and previously with the Eco-Research Chair. He completed his PhD in economics at MIT and taught economic theory at Harvard for five years before returning to Canada as Professor of Political Economy at the University of Toronto. He has served as Special Advisor (Long Range Economic Planning) to the Deputy Minister of Finance and as Deputy Secretary to the Treasury Board in the Government of Canada, Director of the General Economics Branch at OECD, Director of Research for two Parliamentary Task Forces, and as President of the Institute for Research on Public Policy, 1984-1991. In 1991 he was named as the first appointment to the Francis G Winspear Chair for Research in Public Policy at the University of Victoria. Rod retired in 2002 and remains actively involved as professor emeritus on and off-campus.

From 2001-2004, Dr Dobell led the Clayoquot Alliance for Research, Education and Training, a three-year community-university partnership with the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. The goals of the Clayoquot Alliance are to promote academic research that responds to community needs and concerns and to make the education and training resources of the university more accessible in the region. Dr Dobell is currently exploring the potential of a new project at POLIS on the theme of oceans goverance.

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