Intellectual Property Issues in Heritage Management: Part 2

Heritage Management

Published On: April 1st, 2010

Author: George Nicholas, Catherine Bell, Rosemary Coombe, John R. Welch, Brian Noble, Jane Anderson, Kelly Bannister, and Joe Watkins

Full Citation: Nicholas, G., Bell, C., Coombe, R., Welch, J. R., Noble, B., Anderson, J., Bannister, K., & Watkins, J. (2010). Intellectual property issues in Heritage Management, Part 2: Legal Dimensions, Ethical Considerations, and Collaborative Research Practices. Heritage Management, 3(1), 117–147.

The paper explores the nature of intellectual property (IP) issues affecting cultural heritage and identifies sources of information considered useful to archaeologists, cultural and archaeological resource managers, and other heritage stewards. It provides resources relating to ethical and legal dimensions of intellectual property in cultural heritage, as well as collaborative research approaches that constitute good practice.

Intellectual Property Issues in Heritage Management: Part 2