Wildfire Resilience

Launched in 2023, the POLIS Wildfire Resilience Project, based at the University of Victoria’s Centre for Global Studies, is a multi-year, action-based research group whose mission is to help British Columbia become a world leader in wildfire resilience through practical solutions in policy, management, reconciliation, and governance.

The Wildfire Resilience Project grew out of POLIS’ long-term focus on watershed governance and strengthening watershed security for the well-being of the natural environment, society, and the people who call B.C. home.

Our team informs and supports comprehensive change that addresses crisis and helps move B.C. toward a better future. At the Wildfire Resilience Project, we understand that governance matters: how we prioritize management and prevention, make collective decisions, ensure accountability, and coordinate action across society will influence how we live with wildfire for future generations.

The work we do is multi-faceted, and requires cross-cutting action rooted in the best available science and knowledge. As such, our team works with all levels of government (local, Indigenous, federal, provincial), communities, researchers, experts, and civil society to offer new perspectives and practical solutions.

We will be launching a full website soon with more information on our priority areas of focus, team, and current outputs. Please check back soon.